Party Player by Thomas Foecking
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 Party Player 0.54 (401 KB)
 PP Design Builder (233 KB)

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- Fullscreen and normal-window mp3-player
- NEW: Support for designs/skins (it can look like everything)
- NEW: cross fading
- NEW: language support
- Add random songs automaticly (on low playlist)
- Full mouse control, virtual keyboard
- You have got a playlist and a archivelist
- You can change positions of the songs in playlist
- You can open/save playlists
- You can open a fileinfo window and rename the selected song/file
- You can mix/sort/turn your playlist
- ...
- And the best: you can configure everything
Latest version:   Party Player 0.54
Release date:   2005-05-24
Author:   Thomas Foecking
License:   Freeware
Get more skins   Skin page

Operating Systems
Windows NT/2000/XP
Windows 95/98/ME
- Download Party Player (369 KB):
- Extract the zip file into a new directory "Party Player" (you can download winzip from
(note! you must extract the zip file with subdirs)
- Change into the new directory "Party Player"
- Run "partyplayer.exe"
- Now a greeting box appears. Click "Ok"
    enter path(es) to your mp3 files (not all subdirs, they will be searched automaticly)
      enter "C:\mp3s" and click "Add"
      enter "C:\moremp3s" and click "Add"
      if you've finished click "Research"
- Close the config window (click "Ok" or "X")
- Thats all. Now Party Player should play your songs.


If the player does not start because a dll file is missing, please download and install: vbrun60.exe (1 MB)
If the song is played to fast then it could be the fault of your sound card driver. Try to get a newer version of the driver.
If the sound is not played fluent I cannot tell you why. Try to track down the problem and send a mail to me, please.

Read the readme*.txt files. If you have still problems or if you have found a bug please send a mail to:

TODO (new features in the next version):

- no plan

Your ideas are welcome!

Do you miss any features in Party Player 0.52?
If you don't like Party Player or think some features are very stupid, you can also complain ;-)

I can understand german very well, so if you can speak german, you don't need to write your mail in english.

Thank you for your ideas and help to improve the Party Player. Thomas Foecking

  Donate 10 EUR or more on your ability to pay